Welcome to Rachel Bond Photography | Birmingham, AL Birth Photographer

Welcome to Rachel Bond Photography!  I am so glad you are here!  I am extremely excited to finally be up and running "officially" now.  

I've had quite a few sessions since I began just a few months ago, and I am going to try my best to blog them all.  I'm going to start at the beginning and work my way up and maybe throw in a current session here and there.  

So this is the "session" that started it all....

Last year, I get a Facebook message from an old coworker and friend, Candace.  We briefly worked together at an after school program years ago back in college and thanks to Facebook, have been able to keep in touch since.   She barely mentioned having her birth photographed before I jumped at the chance and offered to do it for her.  I thought it was rather coincidental.  After I had my second son, JP, back in April, I told my mom if there was any type of photography I would love to do it would be birth photography and fresh 48 sessions.  I LOVE my birth and hospital photos from when my sons were born.  Those images always bring me back to such a happy time and place.  So, to think I could provide those happy memories for other moms as a career - I would be ecstatic.   

So, thank you, Candace, from the bottom of my heart for randomly messaging me that day and trusting me to document such an intimate and special moment for you and your family.   And thanks to you, I gained the courage and confidence to turn my hobby and passion into Rachel Bond Photography :)

So, here is a little overshare from the birth of Ryder James.   Candace was amazing throughout the birth and her husband and family were so supportive.  You can just see the love and joy on the faces of the grandparents meeting their grand baby and just look at big brother!  He was just precious meeting his little brother :) It was such an amazing experience witnessing a birth and being able to document all of the details for the family to look back on.  As a mother of 2, I can say from experience that the birth of your children can be a blur.  All of those moments you are sure you will remember years from now, all of a sudden aren't so clear (probably due to sleep deprivation :).    That's why I love birth photography and I am so glad I was able to capture these moments for this beautiful family of 4!