A Sweet Review | Fresh 48

Even as a sister of a wonderfully talented photographer, I questioned having a photographer scheduled to come to the hospital. I didn't know how I was going to feel- I have been in lots of pain after one birth and walking around taking a shower at another- but either way the idea of needing to be "ready" for someone scared me. I had just had a baby. I was emotional, crazy, and possibly needing to be committed by that 4th baby. Yes. 4th BABY! This was the first time I had officially had a photographer come to do a fresh 48. I had my sister for 2 of them and when I was having my third; because of a very unexpected emergency, she had a friend step in... but the thought of having someone I didn't know come take pictures in the hospital made me nervous. Why? No idea! Maybe she would be just plain weird! 😂 but as soon as Rachel walked in I felt as if my best friend had just come to see me. I even asked her to watch the baby for me so I could go to the bathroom within 10 minutes of her walking in the door. She was absolutely patient with me the whole time and never mentioned any time restraints- even letting me nurse when I needed to and allowing my 2 year old to finish her nap before they came to the hospital to meet Piper. Not once did I feel like she was intruding on the very intimate yet vulnerable place every woman is in so soon after your birth. She had the most refreshing smile and at the same time she was able to capture moments with my family without me even being aware of her presence. She seemed to be able to read me as a mother immediately and know what would be important to me. 
All that being said- I have beautiful pictures of my other babies after their births. I adore those imagines and cherish them but the pictures Rachel took of my Piper are magical! When I look at these pictures there is almost too many emotions to even find words to convey how I feel. I can remember my heart falling in love with Piper as I held and nursed her and the joy I felt watching my older 3 babies meet her and immediately accept her... And somehow Rachel captured it all. Photography is exactly what she is meant to do! Welcoming a baby is such a life changing and miraculous time that is so fleeting that it's so easy to forget those first few days. So, if you are wanting more of a private hospital stay or if you will have more guests than the waiting room will fit- you won't find a more gentle, kind, dependable, patient photographer than Rachel. You will love the memories she captures!" 

I received this incredibly sweet review yesterday from a dear client of mine who I now call a friend.  As mentioned above, her sister is a very talented photographer who set up the Fresh 48 for her.  I've read over her words many times, and each time I get teary-eyed and emotional.   If you've read my 'about me' page' you know that is was the birth of my own two sons who inspired me to want to go into the photography business.   The photos of my oldest's birth and from the hospital stay after with both, are some of my most cherished photos, if not my most cherished.  I was extremely fortunate to have smooth deliveries with both (although the second was rather interesting!), and I honestly enjoyed the hospital stay after.  I delivered at Trinity Medical Center (which has moved and is now called Grandview Medical Center), and had the best doctor and team of nurses who took amazing care of my boys and me.  Those couple of days in the hospital, although there was plenty of healing involved, were wonderful.  I truly treasure that time spent with my babies.  I felt like we were in a bubble and the only job I had was to snuggle, nurse, and love on my sons.  The images I took of them (and had others take) mean so incredibly much to me, and I wanted to give other mothers and father's those priceless memories to hold onto as well.  I know how fleeting those moments are and also how incredibly special they are.

Candace loves her children.  It was evident from the moment I walked in, and her tiny newborn was tucked into her shirt.  She is a wonderful mother and cares for those babies like no other.  We immediately clicked and both felt at ease with each other. Her Fresh 48 session is still one of my very favorites.  There was no posing involved.  I just stood back and photographed some beautiful family moments.  It  was incredible to witness.  And when I read her touching words about her experience with me and her photos, I can't help but get emotional.  I feel like this is what I was meant to do.  To provide mothers (and of course fathers too) with these memories to hold onto and bring them back to that time that can be so easily forgotten (due to lack of sleep, meds, etc.) but does not need to be forgotten, is extremely rewarding.  If you would have asked me just 18 months ago, I would have never guessed I would be so blessed to be able to do this as a career.  I love what I do and each time I get to photograph a sweet baby and family (no matter what kind of session),  I feel so honored that I was able to provide family with such precious memories.    

Thank you Candace, for the touching words.  For you to take the time out of your busy day to write this means so much to me!


You can view more images from Piper's Fresh 48 here.


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