Thank you

2015 has been an amazing year.  I took the plunge at the beginning of the year and turned my passionate hobby of photography into a business.  And I am so glad I did.  I knew there would be many challenges and learning experiences along the way, but I don't think I realized how rewarding and fulfilling this "job" would be to me.   I mean, I had an idea, but nothing could prepare me for the emotions and experiences that this would offer.   I have met the most incredible families - families who have invited me into their hospital rooms and welcomed me into their homes, families who took the chance on a "newbie" in the industry and trusted me to document some of the most memorable moments in their lives.  Every single one holds  a special place in my heart and I am forever grateful to each and every one of them! 

So a huge THANK YOU to each family that allowed me the honor to photograph their love for one another.  Thank you for making my first year in business such a wonderful one.  Y'all seriously are the best!

And I also want to thank  everyone  who has followed along this year - providing encouragement and support, referring me to their friends and family, sharing my work, and even just the simple act of liking or commenting on my Facebook and blog posts is super appreciated :)

and a huge recap of 2015.......



Hope you all have a Happy New Year!