JB's Fresh 48 | Birmingham, AL Fresh 48 Photographer

I LOVE LOVE LOVE fresh 48 sessions.  They are quite possibly my most favorite thing to photograph.  There is just something so special about those couple of days spent in the hospital after you've had your little one.  You are in this little bubble and all you are required to do is soak up all of the newborn preciousness.   

I know some mothers are hesitant about wanting to book a fresh 48.  They are worried about what they will look like and how exhausted they will be after giving birth, and understandably so.  Birth is messy.  But let me tell you something...there is no way a new mother will not look absolutely beautiful holding their sweet little baby (see photos below for examples).  The joy and happiness a new mother exudes outshines anything and everything.  Fresh 48 sessions aren't about the perfect outfit or location and I love that.  It is real and documents an incredible moment of time that goes by all too fast.

I am so glad I was able to take these photos for Jourdan and her family.  JB has two older sisters who were at school while I was up at the hospital. Although I would have loved to have them in the photos, I thought it was kind of special that we were able to get these one on one photos of him with mom and dad. (But Jourdan we still need to get some family pictures done!).  JB was a big boy - born at 9lbs - and I loved his little rolls he had already!  He was just adorable and I loved the sweet images I got of him, especially with mom and dad.