MB's Fresh 48 | Birmingham, AL Newborn Photographer

I don't know about all you other mothers out there, but I know the last couple weeks of my pregnancies were so full of anxiousness and anticipation to meet my little ones!  And those last few days seemed to draaaaaaaag on.  I could not imagine going 10 days over my due date!  But this precious baby did just that.  I know the wait was worth it for her mom and dad though!  Just look at how adorable Mary Bryant is with that head full of dark hair.  She is beautiful just like her mama!  And Dad was so sweet with his little girl.  He was already a pro at swaddling and taming those tresses only a day in.  It was such a pleasure catching up with this sweet family and documenting those fresh new moments as parents at their Fresh 48 session.  Congratulations again Ryan and Jessica!