Leighton's Newborn Session | Birmingham, AL Newborn Photographer

I can't believe this precious girl is already 6 weeks old (well, 7 weeks now)!  I had so much fun documenting Leighton' with her family at her fresh 48 session at the hospital (which can be viewed here), that I was incredibly excited when mom got in touch with me to photograph her newborn session at home!  Especially with children, there is no place I would rather photograph a family than where they are the most comfortable - in their own home.  I feel like children really shine in their own homes and I can beautifully capture very genuine moments that could normally happen on a daily basis.  Will, Logan, and Caleb, Leighton's big brothers, are your typical, high-energy boys, but let me tell you....they ADORE their baby sister!  Honestly, a lot of the images you will see below of them loving on their baby sister are not provoked or staged.  We would encourage some sweet moments and sometimes they would goof off and be silly, and then a few seconds later I would glance over at them, and they would be stroking her hair, giving her hugs and kisses, and just admiring their adorable baby sister.  Then they would give her a mohawk :)

Thank you M family for welcoming me into your beautiful home and trusting me to capture these special moments with the newest addition of your family.  I had a feeling this lifestyle newborn session was going to be a blast with your awesome children, and y'all did not disappoint! 

(and I apologize in advance for the massive share from this session - I had such a hard time narrowing down from the hundreds I took that day :)