Mommy and Me with Ethan | A Personal Post

Back in April, I took some self portraits with my youngest son, JP (you can view it here).  I mentioned doing something similar with my oldest son, Ethan, around his third birthday.  Well, life gets busy, and four months later it still hadn't happened.  So I decided to make it happen today.  When JP went down for nap, Ethan and I hurried and got everything together for our mommy and me shoot - tripod, remote, and animal masks.  It wasn't an elaborate set up, but it was perfect for us.  I don't have many pictures of me with my children unless it's a cell phone selfie, and I think it is so incredibly important for my children to have pictures of us together for them to look back on.  I didn't get as many pictures together as I hoped (Ethan is sick and wasn't feeling it completely), but the few we got together I love.  

This little boy made me a mother 3 years ago.  Since then, my world has completely changed for the better.  Yes, he drive me crazy at times with his stubborn and persistent personality, and he LOVES to push my buttons.   As my mom always says, "Ethan loves life."   He is full of personality and charm and has boundless amounts of energy.  He hates to sleep but gives the best bear hugs.  He is an outdoorsman like his daddy, and would spend all day outside if he could.  He lives life to the fullest and loves to the fullest too.  I cannot imagine my world without him.