Arden | Birmingham, AL Child Photographer

I had so much fun at Arden's session!  As a mom of two wild and crazy boys (and they are ALL boy), I got really excited when Arden's sweet mom contacted me about a girly photoshoot with her adorable daughter.  Mom wanted to capture her "girly innocence" while she is still young, and I LOVED that.  It seems like little kids, especially girls, are in such a hurry to grow up, and as a parent, we so badly want to freeze time a bit and keep them young and innocent.   Thank goodness for pictures!

We started Arden's session in her beautifully decorated room - jumping on the bed, playing a bit of dress up, and just being silly.  Then we went downstairs to brother's nursery where we got little brother in on the action too.  These two are so sweet together and Arden knows just how to make her little brother giggle :)  We then ventured outside where we shot until literally there was no light left.  We started under the weeping willow  (which reminds Arden of the tree in Tangled) and worked our way to the pond next door where Arden danced until dusk.  

I truly enjoyed this session more than I can say.  So thank you, Sady, for letting this boy mom, get some girliness out of my system <3