The McNearney Family | Birmingham, AL Family Photographer

There are so many reasons I recommend in-home family sessions!  They are fun, laid back, and kids are always more comfortable at their own home.  Not to mention, they take place at YOUR home -   the place where so many of your family's special memories take place.  So, in my opinion, your home is the PERFECT place to document your family.  Your home doesn't have to be perfectly decorated or spotless I promise!  I just need you to go into the session ready to have fun, to love on your family, play, smile, and laugh...that's all!  

And that's what this family did.  Sure, it may have taken a few minutes to warm up to me snapping away with my big camera.  After all, this was my first time meeting this sweet family and it takes everyone a few minutes to loosen up.  But it didn't take long for their playful personalities to come out and we got so many fun and precious shots.  I had such a great time with the McNearney family in their beautiful new home , and I love the way their pictures came out!

And because I love these kind of sessions so much, I'm offering 10% off to the next 5 people who book an in-home session with me for this fall or winter.  The cooler months and around the holiday season  are the absolute perfect times for in-home sessions.  It's a great way to incorporate your beautiful holiday decor too!  Contact me for more information or to book your in-home family session :)