Wow! I truly don't know how to put into words the gift that Rachel captured through our Fresh 48 session. You only have your "first child" once and, thanks to Rachel, we will always have some beautiful memories from that time. Rachel was so easy to work with and very relaxed, which is exactly what every new (and veteran) Mom needs. I still am in awe of the beauty she captured in just a short period of time with us, but I'm forever grateful for these special photos. I'm already excited about our next session with Rachel and HIGHLY recommend her to any and all of my friends!! She has truly been blessed with the gift of capturing beautiful moments!! She's amazing!!    - Jessica Bryant Sciacca | Fresh 48 Session                                                          

Selecting a photographer for our first child’s newborn photos was an important decision. To say we made the right choice with Rachel Bond Photography is truly an understatement. From the moment she stepped foot in our home, Rachel made us feel completely comfortable. This allowed us to relax and in return, Rachel captured the most beautiful, natural photos of our family that my husband (and our entire family) and I will cherish forever. Rachel’s sweet, patient presence made it obvious that she valued these special moments as much as we did. Never once did she make us feel rushed or as if we needed to force a posed moment. Rachel encouraged us and gave us confidence to simply exist in the tender, sweet, loving “life with a newborn” moments. Rachel’s talents and passion shine through her work. Not only will we cherish our photos, but also the memories behind the photos, thanks to Rachel.  - Lisa Cates | Newborn

Even as a sister of a wonderfully talented photographer, I questioned having a photographer scheduled to come to the hospital. I didn't know how I was going to feel- I have been in lots of pain after one birth and walking around taking a shower at another- but either way the idea of needing to be "ready" for someone scared me. I had just had a baby. I was emotional, crazy, and possibly needing to be committed by that 4th baby. Yes. 4th BABY! This was the first time I had officially had a photographer come to do a first 48. I had my sister for 2 of them and when I was having my third; because of a very unexpected emergency, she had a friend step in... but the thought of having someone I didn't know come take pictures in the hospital made me nervous. Why? No idea! Maybe she would be just plain weird! 😂 but as soon as Rachel walked in I felt as if my best friend had just come to see me. I even asked her to watch the baby for me so I could go to the bathroom within 10 minutes of her walking in the door. She was absolutely patient with me the whole time and never mentioned any time restraints- even letting me nurse when I needed to and allowing my 2 year old to finish her nap before they came to the hospital to meet Piper. Not once did I feel like she was intruding on the very intimate yet vulnerable place every woman is in so soon after your birth. She had the most refreshing smile and at the same time she was able to capture moments with my family without me even being aware of her presence. She seemed to be able to read me as a mother immediately and know what would be important to me. All that being said- I have beautiful pictures of my other babies after their births. I adore those imagines and cherish them but the pictures Rachel took of my Piper are magical! When I look at these pictures there is almost too many emotions to even find words to convey how I feel. I can remember my heart falling in love with Piper as I held and nursed her and the joy I felt watching my older 3 babies meet her and immediately accept her... And somehow Rachel captured it all. Photography is exactly what she is meant to do! Welcoming a baby is such a life changing and miraculous time that is so fleeting that it's so easy to forget those first few days. So, if you are wanting more of a private hospital stay or if you will have more guests than the waiting room will fit- you won't find a more gentle, kind, dependable, patient photographer than Rachel. You will love the memories she captures! -Candace | Fresh 48

We used Rachel for our newborn photos and couldn't have been more pleased! We had not met her before and had not seen much of her work, so we didn't know what to expect. From the moment she walked in the door we instantly felt comfortable with her! She was so sweet and professional, and you can tell that she truly loves children and capturing those precious first photos of them! She did some lifestyle and some bean bag photos and was so great at keeping our sweet girl happy during the session! When we saw the sneak peek of our session we were thrilled with how great it turned out! When we saw all of the pictures shortly after we couldn't believe how beautiful they all were! We loved that she included pictures of all of the little details of Leighton like her tiny hands and eyelashes that we will treasure forever! We love our pictures so much and our only regret is that we didn't also do a Fresh 48 session with Rachel!    - Stephanie Mello | Newborn Session

We loved working with Rachel for our daughter's newborn pictures! We couldn't get our baby to sleep for the pictures, and Rachel was so patient and somehow managed to finally get her to sleep! My husband and I couldn't be happier with the way the pictures turned out! We are so happy that she will be able to look back and see pictures of her in her first home. We will continue to work with Rachel doing milestone sessions through our daughter's first birthday and couldn't be more excited!   - Savannah Little | Newborn Session

We initially found out about Rachel Bond Photography when a neighbor used Rachel to photograph her newborn son in the hospital.  The pictures were beautiful and inspired us to contact her.  We met Rachel at the hospital, one day after our baby girl was born!  Leighton is our fourth child, so to say we had a lot going on is an understatement.  It was so nice knowing that someone else would be documenting those sweet moments as our family bonded with the baby.  Rachel was so easy to work with and completely laid back amidst our crazy crew.  The images she took from our time together are so precious to me.  I am amazed still as I look back at them, how she was able to capture the emotion and pure joy we were all feeling.  Those pictures may be my favorite "new baby" treat!  We loved our Fresh 48 session pictures so much that we asked Rachel to come to our home to do our newborn session.  Once again, Rachel brought calm into our crazy world and worked her magic.  She spent so much time with us, allowing for all the unexpected things that arise with newborns, siblings, etc.  The session went so well.  We absolutely love our photos from this session and have a hard time picking favorites!  Everyone who sees them compliments her work and tells us how beautiful they are.  My favorite keepsakes are pictures.  I love taking pictures of my children and have very high expectations for photographers we hire.  I have been beyond thrilled with Rachel's work and she has exceeded all of our expectations.  She is a joy to work with and I would strongly recommend her to capture those timeless and most precious moments!  - Terra Morrow | Fresh 48 and Newborn Session | First Year Collection