Session Prep & What to Expect

Thank you.

First, thank you so much for choosing me as your photographer. I am so excited to be working with you and can't wait to start planning the perfect session with you.

Initial Planning

Let's start HERE, my questionnaire. This is a way for me to get to know you and your family a bit better and understand your expectations for the session. This helps jump start the planning process.

I schedule by month, and as your session month nears, we will then schedule an exact date and time (usually about. a month out). As parents of little ones, I realize your schedules are just as busy as mine and scheduling an exact date months in advance can be a challenge. I've been doing this for years, and it has worked out so well!

All indoor sessions (studio or in-home) are done on weekday mornings. I find morning light the prettiest and kiddos are usually the happiest in the mornings too!

Outdoor sessions are done on weekdays approximately 2 hours prior to sunset for that dreamy, golden light. I do realize during the summer months this can be close to bedtime, so I do have some suggestions to help make the session go more smoothly that I can provide if this effects you.

The Wardrobe

This is usually the most stressful part for moms when planning a session, so I've created my client wardrobe to help relieve some stress. All sessions include access to my client wardrobe with lots of pretty dresses for moms and accessories & clothing for babies and children. You are by no means obligated to wear anything of mine or change your own personal style whatsoever! I want your images to look like you and your family. After all, these are YOUR photos and they should reflect your personal style. I do always suggest moms choose their wardrobe first, and then plan everyone else's accordingly. You can view the gallery of dresses for moms HERE. The password is rbpwardrobe. As you view the dresses, 'heart' the ones you love and I can have them ready for you to try on. Some clients prefer to come in prior to their session to try on dresses and some get to their session a bit earlier to pick out wardrobe. This is something we can discuss and plan. At this time, I don't have children's clothing photographed, but once you choose what you would like to wear, I will pull out all coordinating options for the littles.

If you would like to provide your own wardrobe, I will be glad to help you in any way possible.

Tips and Tricks

for a beautiful, joy-filled session

Firstly, I want you to go into your session with full trust in me! I have photographed many many families over my 8 years in business. I have photographed shy, energetic, defiant, happy, sad, you name it children. I also have 3 children of my own (all with their own unique personalities and sets of challenges), so I've seen it all.

I know everyone goes into sessions with certain expectations. I'm asking you to release those expectations and just go with the flow. Most of the time, the session is dictated by the little ones. It's ok! If they need to play, we play. If they need to cuddle, we cuddle. If they don't want to sit and smile, great! We can capture those sweet, candid images. I don't expect kids to behave perfectly. After all, they are kids! I love capturing their little personalities, whatever they might be!

a few tips

  • sometimes too much stimulation will result in the opposite reaction. If everyone is yelling and flailing arms to get baby to smile, it may just be too much for them. Let me see what I can do first, and if I need help I will gladly ask for some help encouraging those smiles!
  • keep a positive attitude. Even if the little ones are not listening to any direction and going crazy, keep that smile on your face and relax! I got this! Sometimes it just takes a split second to get that smile or laugh, and it only takes a frustrated or upset look from a parent for the image to not be frame-worthy. Just keep smiling!!
  • I'm all for snack bribes, but please let's wait as long as we can before pulling them out. If we pull them out too early, it can result in a kid with only snacks on their minds and lots of crying! And please keep them dye/mess free.
  • which leads me to this - a full belly makes for a happy child! I do suggest feeding your child a filling meal or snack prior to your session.

Don't forget

  • your fingernails! Natural nails are always nice or a light, neutral polish.
  • to wipe children's faces before the session, wash hands, take off bandaids/temporary tattoos